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What is electric heater MGO powder filling machine?

MGO powder filling machine is a type of equipment used to fill magnesium oxide (MGO) powder into metal tubes. 

For electric heater MGO filling machine, besides fill MGO powder inside the tubes, there are also need to put resistance coil with terminal pin in the center of the tube. 

heater MGO filling machineWhen you make electric heaters, you will found to fill MGO powder for heating elements is very important. A quality electric heaters requires high and equal MGO powder filling density, and resistance coil keep in the center. 

Do you know how to fill MGO powder inside the tube for heaters? Greater heater machinery shares some main stesp to for electric heater MGO filling machine working:
1. install the tube on the filling machine;
2. rise up the install tube, guide tubes will down and go into the tube to fill, and hook come out;
3. hand resistance coil connect with terminal pin + plug on the hook;
4. down the tube to fill, so the plug on terminl pin will cover the end of the tube, this will stop MGO powder to leak out during filling. 
5. fill and vibrate MGO powder insisde the tube, during filling, machine will vibrate the tube, to get higher density, the tube will rise up, and resistance coil also stretch evenly during rise up. 
6. finished fill MGO powder, take out the heater and cover plug on top of filled heater, to avoid MGO powder come out. 

Above steps mainly for fill popular tubular heaters, if to fill cartridge heaters or hot runner heaters, steps will be a little different. 

So use a good and suitable MGO filling tower machine is one key to produce nice heating elements. 
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