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4 Tips to Choose A Suitable Heater Reducing Machine

There are different styles heater reducing equipment in Zhaoqing Greater, how to choose a suitable machine for our heater produciton?

Here are 4 tips from Greater to choose suitable heater reducing machines.
16 station rolling reducing shrinking machine
1. According to the style of electric heater you make.
For example, if you make cartridge heater, swaging machine is a good idea. Because usually there are vareity diameters in small quanttiy for cartrige heaters, by useing a swaging machine, can change mold easy and quick to make different diameters single end heaters.
However, if make tubular heater in one diameter in bulk, roller shrinking machine will be better. With multi stations, such as 12 group roller reducing machine, 16 stations rolling shrinking machine, the tubular heaters will be in good quality reduce quality, and high efficient.

2. According to the quantity of heater to make.
If make electric heater in bulk, can choose auto reducing machine, 12-24 station reducing machine is auto reducing shrinking machine. The more stations use, the better reduce qualtiy will have. When put or feed heater inside the machine, this machine auto shink. It suitable for heaters in bulk produciton, such as tubular heaters.
If only make electric heaters in small quantity, maybe few pieces every day, use rolling mill machine or swaging machine will be recommend.

3. According to requirement of the Reduce heaters.
12-24 station roller shrinking machine reduce better qualtiy electric heaters than others.
If reduce quality not strict, can consider rolling mill machine, swaging machine.

4. According to budget to buy heater machines.
If budge enough, can choose some auto and high efficient reducing machines.

If budge not enough, can choose cheaper rolling machine.



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