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Tube Cutting Equipment for Electric Heaters Produciton

In electric heater produciton, tubes is an important heater material.

Heater factories usually buy tubes in bulk from tube supplier. However, the length tubes bought maybe not in suitable to make heaters always.

So what shall we do? A tube cutting machine will be need.

Tube cutting equipment are cutting machine to cut the tube according to the length need. After calculate how long for the tube need, use the cutting machine to cut the tubes.

There are different styles of tube cutting machine in Zhaoqing Greater, which machine will be suitable?auto tube cutting machine for electric heaters

Here are 3 tips to take suitable pipe cutting machine to make heaters:

1. Quantity of tubes to cut, and diameter.

*** If cut one diameter tubes in bulk, and only 1 diameter, choose GT-ACT29 Full Auto Cutting Machine will be a good idea.

This full auto cutting machine auto feed the tube, auto cut the tube into target lenght, and auto unload cut tubes. The machine suitable for tubular heaters in bulk produciton.

*** If cut different diameters, and in small quantity. Choose semi auto tube cutting machine is recommend. Semi auto tube cutting machine with small size, easy to change chuck to cut different diameters. There are GT-CT15 and GT-CT30 tube cutting machine supply in Zhaoqing Greater. GT-CT15 recommend cut tubes within Φ15mm, while GT-CT30 recommend to cut tubes within Φ28mm;

Semi auto tube cutting machine suitable for cartridge heater production, tubular heater production in small quantity.

2. Angel of tube to cut.

If need to cut different angel of tube, such as 45 degree tube for L shape cartridge heater, GT-CT-ANPN Pneumatic Angle Tube Cutting Machine will be a good choice. This machien can cut tubes in 45 degree easy.

3. Depend on tube material and status.

*** If cut straight SS tubes, GT-CT15, GT-CT30, GT-ACT29,GT-CT-ANPN cutting machines are ok.

*** If need to cut coil copper tubes and need to staight, need to use GT-ASCT19 Auto Coil Tube Straightening and Cutting Machine. This machine straight the coil copper tubes first, then cut the tube. It suitable for copper water heater produciton.



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