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Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd.
Add:Shuiji village,Dachong,Duanzhou District Zhaoqing City,Guangdong Province,China
Post code:526060

Tel:86-758- 2777769 / 2777969
Mobile/Webchat: +86-13424485791 (May)        

QQ: 2641802600 (May)
Skype: tube.machines
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Website: http://tubemachines.com     http://heater-machines.com

How to come to our factory:
1. If you come to China by plane, you can take plane to Guangzhou International Airport, then take bus directly to Zhaoqing City, and we pick you up at Zhaoqing.
2. If you are in China, and would like to take train to visit us, you can take train to Zhaoqing City, and we pick you up at Zhaoqing railway station.
3. If you are in Zhaoqing City, you can take taix to our factory directly.
When you plan to visit us, pls contact us in advance. Tks.



Contact: May

Phone: 13424485791

Tel: 0758-2777969 / 2777769

Email: info@tubemachines.com info@heater-machines.com

Add: Shui Ji Village, Dachong,Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China

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