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New Company

In order to offer more better machines and heating elements supplies, and better service to customers, our team going to start a new company.

Our new company will still focus on heater machines and related heating supplies, not only offer current machines, but also work with more factories directly,  stand on the side of buyers, to solve problem with factories,orders process,after sales services.

For current and previous orders, we will keep follow and offer service.

Our site http://heater-machines.com and http://tubemachines.com will update with more good machines and heating supplies soon.

Email info@tubemachines.com and info@heater-machines.com and related emails not change.

Cusomter service hot line:+86-13424485791 keep work. 



Contact: May

Phone: 13424485791

Tel: 0758-2225156

Email: info@tubemachines.com info@heater-machines.com

Add: No.4,3rd Floor,Shangmao Cheng,TouCun,DuanzhouQi Road,Duanzhou District,Zhaoqing City

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