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8 Meter Tubular Heater Filling Machine to India

8 米电热管填粉机

8 meter heater filling machine sent to India during Sep, 2020 from Feihong heater machinery factory. 

The total height of the MGO powder filling tower about 18 meters. 

This heater machine suitable for tubular heaters filling, industrial heater filling. 


This is a customized MGO powder filling machine for 8 meters heaters, max length can fill 8 meter heaters. There are 2 different diameters install on the machine (9 pcs for Φ16mm + 3 pcs for Φ19mm). 

The machine can fill two different diameters easily, without change any accessories. 


The density of this style of machine can up to 2.35g/cm3, during filling MGO powder, the resistance coil will stretch evenly. Besides, the resistance coil will keep in the center well. 

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