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Industrial Heater Equipment

  • industrial-heater-reducing-machine
  • industrial-heater-reducing-machine
  • industrial-heater-reducing-machine
  • industrial-heater-reducing-machine


  • function:reduce heater to increase density

Reduce heating elements to increase density;

Industrial heater reducing, include large diaemter and long length tubular heater reducing, cartridge heater reducing. 

Main Machines: 

DG30 swaging machine, 16 station shrinking machine, 18 station shrinking machine. 

DG30 swaging machine suitable for variety diameters, and small quantity industrial heater production. 

16 Station / 18 Station rolling shrinking machine suitable for few diameters, large quantity production, or long heating elements, such as 6 meters, 8 meters,  or large diameter heating elements, such as Φ19-Φ16mm Reducing. 

Quality of heating element by rolling shrinkjing machine is very good, easy operaty, efficient.

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