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Reducing Equipment

  • SG8A 8 station Roll Reducing Machine
  • SG8A 8 station Roll Reducing Machine
SG8A 8 station Roll Reducing MachineSG8A 8 station Roll Reducing Machine

SG8A 8 station Roll Reducing Machine

  • Item No.: SG8A
  • Rotating speed of Roller: 60rpm
  • Roller dimension: outside diameter φ98.5 mm; inside diameter φ45 mm; thickness 38 mm
  • Motor power (single): 0.75KW

SG8A reducing machine

Reduce heater to increase density;


  • Small power;
  • Few noise;
  • The best reference range to shrink (mm): Φ4-Φ10mm variety of specifications,length shorter than 1 meter(within the reference range, the life of the equipment will be longer)
  • Suitable tubes' material: copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel etc.;
  • Suitable tube's shape: round;
  • Shrinking speed: uniform speed,non-uniform speed (according to the demand of customer).
  • Change roller or roll assemble can reduce different diameter;
  • Can match with our feeding machine to increase of efficiency;
  • Can match with our marking mechanism for mark your brand heaters.
  • Application
    Round heater reduce, such as tubular heater.

    Information need for order SG8A roll reducing machine

    • Tube diameter before and after reduce, such as Φ8-6.6mm
    • Length before reduce
    • Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz)

    The SGA rolling reducing machine is to make up for the short-comings of the SGA-2 model. The machine adds gearbox to the drive to increase the bearing capacity and increase the torque. Model: SG8A 8 station, SG12A 12 station.

    Features: compared with the SGA-2 machine, the torque is large and the strength is increased.

    Recommended range of reducing tube: within 3.5-16mm.

    A style reducing machine Main models and technical parameters



    tube diameter to reduce

    Min length to reduce

    rotating speed of roller

    Power supply single / total power




    SGA reducing machine

    vertical or horizontal two styles

    3.5-16mm round/ square/flat

    / elliptical  pipe


    Between 20-70 rpm

    380V 50HZ /0.75KW / 9KW




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