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  • DG25 Rolling Mill
  • DG25 Rolling Mill
DG25 Rolling MillDG25 Rolling Mill

DG25 Rolling Mill

  • Item:DG25
  • Diameter:2-15mm round/square/ flat/elliptical pipe
  • Min length to reduce:100mm
  • Power:380V 50HZ 4KW

DG25 simple reducing machine uses a pair of rolling assemble on the machine, and make some holes according to the requirement, rolling the pipes from large to small one by one hole (groove). This machine is suitable for reducing of industrial heater and the hot runner heaters. It can produce circular pipes, square pipes, flat pipes, elliptical pipes in copper, iron, SS, aluminum etc .

* Reduce heater to increase density (for round heater or square heater);
* Reduce heater by several holes,each hole reduce small range;
* Specially designed for industrial heater reducing, hot runner heater reducing (recommend match with DG28);
* Easy operation, suitable for small quantity production;
* For heaters not need in strict straightness or good surface;

hot runner heater reduce and some industrial heater reduce (for hot runner heater reduce, recommend match with DG28)

Information need for order DG25 rolling mill machine:
Tube diameter before and after reduce
Length before reduce
style of heater need to reduce, such as hot runner heater...
Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz)


Tube diameter

Minlength to reduce





2-15mm round/square/flat/elliptical pipes


380V 50HZ 4000W



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